Zara Tentriabeng


Zara Tentriabeng started launch her design line at 2014 at Milan Design week as a part of “Change” Exhibition held by Milan Design library. At first she launched her line of bags that marries the technique of laser cut on metals and wood panels to be incorporated to her bag designs. Branching out now she have a jewellery line as well. Her jewellery line plays with symmetry and balance in geometric pattern. She use both medium from recycle woods and Thick acrylic sheets. The jewellery has a tribal yet futuristic feel to it. Both of her bags and jewellery lines are now already been shipped to be sell in Europe, America in Asia. Her bags and Jewellery line now is quite well known in Indonesia, She made it through as one of the finalist of Indonesian young designer accessory award and she just finish her first big exhibition for the prestigious event for independent Indonesian young Designer at “ Indonesia Fashion week” on march 2016.


Combining laser cut technology with geometric pattern on a media of 8mm acrylic sheets in clear and solid black colour. Defining lines and angles as my aesthetic guidelines. Viewing things in justified line, which things are supposed to be in a certain places to follow certain rules. The jewellery lines comes in two types of style. One that has an edgy feel to them are made from laser cut 8mm acrylics. While another with a touch of tribal futuristic feel with combining the acrylic panels with laser cut 3mm recycled woods that has been refurnished and recoated. These necklaces are adorned as well with Swarovski crystals and semiprecious stones such as white Howlite stones and agate stones. Another interesting material that is being used in this collections are recycle ply wood that has been re furnished and recoated to prevent moulding and breakage.
The project will also be consisting of wooden clutches adorn by laser cut wood panels with a touch of unconventional item such as drawer knob as decoration on the closure part. Both wooden clutches and jewelleries are synchronized to one another as a complete collections that are focused on lines, angles and geometric pattern.