I’m Luigi Palomba.



I was born in Rome (RM) 8 September 1988. After high school to Liceo Artistico di Via Ripetta in Rome in 2006/2007 I‘m attending to the University of Rome La Sapienza in Architecture’s Science 2008/ 2009. Also I’m designer and collaborator at the architecture studio Metropolis Architetti Associati from 2010 until today and graphic editor at Day-C produzioni (event organization) from 2012 until today

The worship of light, in particular the sun, is an ancient ritual, dating back to 10,000 years BC. Element connected to the positive, life, symbol of the fight against darkness. The ancient Egyptians aligned the pyramids and temples to the position of the sun and stars. In the temple of Abu-Simbel twice a year the light of the Dawn illuminates the entire disc of the Pharaoh's environment. The light, the disc and the environment are the characteristic features of my subject. The arch is the barycenter that acts as a bridge between the disk and the light point. The hybrid union of cool and warm materials, flowing shapes with static forms, Alba is born. Alba is a lamp reduced to the essential. It is created by the union of three geometric elements. The central arch serves as a link between the cuboid, the anchor lamp and the refractive disc. The halogen light and the wire are hidden in the wood pedestal. The bulb is easy to replace from the socket located inside the box. Alba is a floor lamp that diffuses a soft and warm light for reading and meditation. Internally it reflects the orange colour of the copper. Externally, the reflective properties of the materials dematerializes its physicality. The three main components have smooth surfaces and create a perfect harmony between "cool" and "warm" (copper/wood).