Vera Mazzolini

Shadow cube

Curious and never tired of learning. I tackle each project as though it were a new adventure. My attitude and the fact that most of my work experience has been both as self-employed architect and as a partner contributing to other architects' projects, has given me the chance to acquire a vast amount of skills and experience. As a result I have a flexible and versatile way of thinking. I am able to manage a project every stage: from strategy and preliminary concepts to final delivery. I am effective at finding solutions to costumer requests. I have strong technical and creative managing skills. Profile 1997 Architecture University “Politecnico di Milano” 1997 State Exam Professional Qualification 2005 Professional Qualification Safety on Constractions Sites 2012 Architecture for the Development ASF work experience collaboraton with: Studio architect Zanuso-Milan 2007-2013 Studio architect Malcaus-Milan 2002-2006 Studio architects Monzini Raboni-Milan 1998-2000 Thanks to these close collaborations I had the chance to approach and to undertake various architectural projects, making the most of each opportunity to measure myself against projects on various scales and to associate with stimulating professional partners. Private house renovations, private historical flat renovations, interiors and furniture-design are aspects of architecture I find especially captivating.

An object created throughout the study of a cube and its shadow. An object that can be used in different ways and be placed differently depending on the face it is resting on, Sometimes a side table for a bedroom of for a living area. Sometimes almost a case for newspaper and books. Sometimes is a small table and a shelf.

Shadow cube enables us to invent the space of an interior-private space to our liking; its convivial and hospitable nature combined with geometrical perfection, reminds us of ancient and modern symbology.
Because of its limited volume and weight, shadow cube is smart and agile, carrying and moving it is quick and fun.
Its intrinsic geometry allows us to reinvent the object in different ways, you can deftly turn it, resting it on one of its faces, depending on the use you desire.
it reveals its versatile nature, now a side table or sometimes a container for newspaper and books by playing with its mutant character you can also annoy the space around it.

In two different sizes:
weight around kg 6,5 cube 50x50x50 cm
weight around kg 9 cube 70x70x70 cm

Material: aluminium sheet
finished matt lacquered- glossy lacquered