Elisabetta Agostoni

Three for fun


Born 33 years ago in Milan; a diploma in interior design from the Istituto Europeo di design and a master in exhibition design acquired in Barcellona.
Her professional life is formed through a series of collaborations from 2003 through to today within a range of design and architecture studios. During these years she explores a number of different fields; from old farmhouse conversions to the building of new structures, the study of graphic design to the creation of three dimensional models, from packaging to photography. Alongside these pursuits, her real passion for planning and creating new forms and objects using natural materials follows through with an ever increasing attention to detail. Two children, three dogs and a "workshop-home" just outside of milan, in which to draw, experiment, build and dream. The constant quest for new stimuli is of the upmost importance in continuing to work and to produce in this field where imagination and creativity are essential.

"Three for fun" is a seat versatile, dynamic and intelligent. Three positions can be modified simply by inverting the object.
Few elements for a versatile product design, which responds to the needs of different users at the same time.
It can be placed in many different environments, residential or commercial, internal or external.
The seat can be produced in a smaller size so that it can be used even by children.
It can be produced maintaining the natural color of the wood or in a wide range of colors.
Each session consists of 13 wooden silhouettes 3 ​​cm wide and 2 cm thick.
The profiles are assembled thanks to two wood cubes 2x2 cm, drilled at the center.
in each hole is inserted a wood pin that's going to slip into the corresponding slots on the profiles.
The size of the seat varies depending on the position, the width is 60 cm