Farshad “Shadi” Shahrokhi

The director series: Eclisse


Farshad “Shadi” Shahrokhi trained in sculpture and film-making at the school of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston before completing an undergraduate degree in Architecture at Sci-Arc in Los Angeles. He holds a Masters in Architecture from Columbia University. His work has been published and exhibited throughout the U.S. ,Europe, Australia and central/south America.
Mr. Shahrokhi formed SHAdi + company in 1997, a design/build studio with an emphasis on high-end, modern/total design. Shadi’s background in architecture and design combined with a strong expertise and deep relationship with technology and automation, results in an array of unprecedented products, production line or custom applications, that are suited for the next generation of lifestyle solutions. Trak-kit™ is a milestone in this path launched in 2007.
Recognizing a vacuum for more developed design aesthetics that's seamlessly integrated with smarter technology, he began to contemplate a new paradigm. In 2009, he created FLOW Architech™ a lifestyle company fully vested in smart technology, modern architecture and functional design. Technology and design are developed together simultaneously in such a way to offer unparalleled experiences.
With full architectural, engineering and Audio/video expertise, FLOW Architech is positioned to bring technological insight to architectural projects, at the same time assisting technological companies with concepts, design and aesthetics.

THE DIRECTOR SERIES by FLOW Architech, a new definition of speakers.
The design of the Director Series provides unique products that combine a premium sound with exclusive aesthetics. All Flow speakers are produced utilizing the finest components to deliver uncompromising sound quality. Flow ongoing stylist research has led to the creation of thin speakers that valorize the aesthetics and differs from any traditional speakers. The custom cut-out patterns into corian, walnut veneer or metal, paired with acoustic transparent fabric, delivers products that elegantly fit our contemporary lifestyles.
The entire Director Series uses only single drivers. The most pure way to reproduce sounds is from one source. In the past decades full range drivers have advance a lot and now a special ferrite ring magnet technology allows for very efficient drivers which require a lot less power to drive them. Using a single drive the sound wont be compromised by cross over or phase and time delays and will be accurate and life like .
L'ECLISSE Mini is the smallest of the Director Series. Small size combined with an excellent performance makes this speaker the perfect election for any application where limited space is a critical parameter. The speakers easily integrate as an in-wall speaker, desk or library speaker, rear channel or, if combined, a perfect sound bar for LED screens guaranteeing an impressively accurate composition solution. The unique 4” driver thanks to its titanium cone achieves extended range and high efficiency for a very high performance speaker.