Angelo Caterino


The IDEA has resulted from the study on the modularity of the milanese architect ANGELO CATERINO that still follows the development.
The passion for modularity learned from the great MASTERS OF DESIGN as the eponymous Mangiarotti Mari and the creative methodology of Munari, led the Milanese architect towards the search for a new form as possible.
The goal was to create a FORM that would allow the most amount of connections and easily achievable in industrialized production. From here the result of this form of fractal type replicable in proportion to the different scales of magnitude.
Angelo Caterino, born in 1975, is an architect specializing in the production of interior furnishings. Graduate at the Polytechnic of Milan in 2002, has always been involved in the design and interior design objects. The carpenter, the father has had a passion for craftsmanship and woodworking.

Design your world. incastro is a modular element with the ability to join in a variety of ways. Get creative and build ever more complex forms.
Here is the smart solution for building your accessory, mobile tablet for photo pens business cards and much more. incastro always changes and adapts to your needs.

MATERIAL ABS Resin Volume 7,77 cm3 Weight 3gr Dimentions 3,6x3,6x0,6 cm