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Dancing screen

Ivana Mannavola and Nicola Lattanzi are two young designers who live and work together in Puglia.
They studied at Politecnico di Bari, faculty of Architecture university degree in Industrial Design, and gradueted in 2011 with final project entitled: "Dressing Wall: sistema modulare in tessuto per la gestione dello spazio e per allestimenti temporanei". Following graduation we attended different worshop on textile design.
After graduation their roads diverge;
Nicola took part on a collaborative activities and research with the Politecnico di Bari, on the design of interiors and meeting space. Following an internship as an interior at Operaprima concept store.
Ivana took an internship at Mut design in Valencia - Spain.
After these experiences they started to work together and began to mature in their the idea to set up their own studio.
They carried out several jobs as a freelance:
they designed the corporate image of the event QR_PORT for the Port Authority of Bari and the layout of educational books for the Politecnico di Bari and of an international publication "Interior | Design. Action on suffices. Softness"
They participated in various contest, winning two of them for and arriving at the marketing of their products on Racchetta (storage frame) and Tapperello (modular rug).

Dancing screen is a modular and compatible screen. It consists of a single module infinitely repeatable . It features extensive flexibility, since the modules are combine easily with the use of clamps from wiring comfortable , easy to use and remove. You can give the screen dancing all the combinations you want: the screen will look different as you can always change the position of the modules or interscambiandoli tralsandoli respect of positions thanks to the standard set of holes. The customer, therefore, be able to participate actively not only to the " design " of your screen , but also to the assembly stage , defining the shape that he likes as well as the length . It can be positioned anywhere and can be used as a partition element or as a decorative fifth ; may also be articulated in space. Product Description Feature of the module is the "leg" angle that gives more dynamism to the composition. It can also provide colorful, decorative style in order to create an even color rather than just formal . An important option is the fascias of filanca ( a semitransparent fabric ) which, inserting them as a sort of " skirt " , can be applied to the frame to which join perfectly given the elasticity of the material . It will be possible to determine the length and position of the band on the rods simply " arricciandola " on itself . The screen dancing in our fully respects the theme of the competition is that CHANGE: quote Josef Albers , the different modules " change in the movement towards and away (translation) , an extension, combined , in the volume from full to empty , or vice versa. " Technical Description materials screen in birch elastic bands in filanca clamps for wiring from the junction Each module is composed of elements listellari square section of 4x4 cm and consists of two frames , with one leg in common , one of 45cm , the other of 30 cm , with an angle of 130 ° . The footprint of a single module is: 68x170 cm modules are easily inpilabili for packaging. Available in two versions: the total wood and the one with the leg inclined colorful.