Zara Tentriabeng


I consider myself as a fashion designer that always wants to create more than typical fashion. I am a designer that likes to use unconventional material in creating my product. I have work for companies in China, USA, Indonesia and Italy. My life is always in constant travel, and during my travels I always find different unique aspect of cultures in which I can incorporate in to my design. I want to offer more than just a fashion piece I want to offer a wearable art. With the advantages of my travel experience I try to take my design to the next level by marrying cultures and material and produce a wearable art piece. Coming from Indonesia I like to use traditional ethnic design but try to create a new modern piece from it. I have work experience as a garment designer, footwear designer and Accessory designer. At this moment I am running my own studio in Jakarta Indonesia for fashion consulting and launching my first Bag line (hexagon Project). As for my education back ground I finished my bachelor of fine arts degree from the Illinois institute of art in Chicago Illinois, America, and I earn my Master degree from Politecnico di Milano , Milan. Italy.

Hexagon is a line of hexagonal inspired design bags. A combination of geometric shapes with incorporating unconventional items such as using customize design laser cut wood panel and Javanese brass. The accessory line consists designs of satchel bags, sling bags and clutches. The unique and one of a kind design is more considered as a fashion art wear. The designs shows symmetry and the technique to produce this artwork is by combining the customize laser cut bess, and traditional geometric Indonesian wood carvings in forms of hexagonal shape that are using natural warm colors of wood such as rustic brown, burgundy red and dusty beige, by combining these natural colors with the laser but brass made these design look modern yet exquisite and will attract younger viewers. These design will also show dimensions of heights by the layering technique of the materials.