Space Lab (Vana Krimnioti)

Marble Stolls

Vana Krimnioti has completed her studies in Interior Architecture at the Chelsea School of Art and Design.
After working in numerous offices, in 2006 she collaborated with Sotiris Hainis and established Spacelab Architecture, a practice committed to designing architectural work primarily for the private sector, focusing on residences, hotels, commercial spaces, offices etc.
She has participated in many exhibitions such The 7th Greek Architecture Biennale, 14f/21g Young Architects in Greece and France, Refresh the new mind of design and art, presenting architectural and furniture design work.

Reflecting on everyday objects of the traditional greek life resulted in a collaboration with greek craftsmen that produced stools. The simple shape of the stool evolves and a series of forms is designed in order to accommodate different uses. The stool becomes a display unit, a bedside table, an entrance bench. The dimensions of the cube are altered whereas new pieces of furniture are born. Scrutinizing the savoire faire of wood and straw manufacture the simple form of the stool is translated in new materials. Greek marble, leather, jutta cord, greek walnut wood are employed for the creation of a contemporary objects produced in greece and aimed to complement Every space. Tale telling : narrating the history of a traditional greek stool - employing a technique - craftsmanship that has almost vanished. Layer: different strata of techniques, from marble curvers to carpenters and weavers layers of history, from traditional to contemporary, layers of different uses, stool to side table layers of forms, a single a double or a triple stool Responsible: trying to revitalize old greek craftsmanship, using only domestic materials such as greek walnut wood, tinos island marble Established in 2006, Spacelab Architecture is commited to designing architectural work primarily for the private sector, focusing on residences, commercial spaces, offices etc. Our work is inspired by modernist architecture following traces of swiss, dutch, austrian and spanish examples, always tracking the roots of its context, greek tradition. Being influenced by our extensive traveling and we are keen in mixing and matching the different elements that surround us.