Paolo Isabettini


My name is Paolo Isabettini and I was born in Tolentino in 1985. Since I was a child I’ve been always fascinated by colours and shapes of every kind. I moved to Roma to study Architecture at the La Sapienza in Ludovico Quaroni Faculty. During my studies I started to partecipate in design contests and to work for architectural design studios. After taking my Master Degree, I moved to Belin where I did an intership with the artist Tomas Saraceno. It has been one of the hardest and most extraordinary experiences of my life. When I came back to my own town Tolentino, I won some funding from my region, with which I founded the first Fablab of Marche, Creaticity, with two engineers friends. I think that it’s very important to be around many people, being surrounded by friends can make life more exciting and creative. This is essential to design something beautiful.

Cromo was born for a creative urgency to express personal ideas, outside the industrial boundaries. Cromo takes shape from a SMART tension towards a new way of manifacturing design products, through the FRIENDLY help of local artisans and the imagination of YOUNG designers. It supports the GREEN production by keeping it local and and it’s very careful to be E-COMPATIBLE using selected and natural materials. Cromo is a WITTY armchair assembled with coloured LAYERS, so its form can be MUTANT depending on each customer’s choice. We want the same object to be VIRAL and different at the same time, to be DEMOCRATIC and affordable for anybody who wishes to have an inspiring OPEN design product, in order to enjoy creativity and never stop imaging.

CROMO is built with a plywood structure covered with polyurethane foam with different densities which guarantees the comfort of the seat. The armchair is covered with Trevira textile, highly resistant, cleanable and with flame retardant properties proven by the strictest tests of reaction to fire. This fabric consume fewer resources than natural fibers, both during production and use and they can be easily recycled.