Marco Castagneris


I was born in 1985 in Venaria, a province of Turin.
I graduated in 2004 from the Art Institute of Castellamonte.
I graduated in 2010 in Industrial Design at the Politecnico of Turin, with a thesis project on OLED.
After graduation I've started to work as freelance and I had many collaborations with various design and communication agencies of Piedmont.
For years, I approach the world of arts and crafts and I am constantly looking for a model that allows local industries to reassert itself within the global production.
For this reason I have chosen to remain.

An open -layers with a regulated project but tailored
aesthetic , Therefore democratical .
1 - The scrap
Everything stems from the desire to solve a problem, or find the
appropriate solution to the reuse of waste derived from the laying of the
carpet on the floors by the companies of the sector.
Such differences , however, are always different, both in size and in
typology . The idea was to collect and assemble to give shape to the
carpets , according to a defined process that allows some flexibility
processing , since the semi-finished product in question is not identifiable
as the "standard " .
2 - Concept
Conceptually, the carpet is a planar object catapulted into a three-dimensional reality : covers , hides and
identifies a portion of space meaningless and characterized .
Given its formal characteristics , it is thought the object as a graphic two-dimensional pattern
geometric modular generates the design basis , which in turn constitutes the network anchor useful in the construction
the final design .
Once validated the project , having thus found buying interest
end-user , web-based software will be built a dedicated controller to
simulate the network graph and allow the Purchaser to generate virtually
forms that you want for your home carpet on the basis of valuation
available at the time , with the final product delivered to your doorstep.