Jaehyung Yang

U&ME Table


Jaehyung Yang was born in Seoul, Korea in 1981 and majored in Product Design at Hongik University, Korea. He worked on various project with renowned Korean furniture company such as Fursys, Iloom amongst others. In 2012 Jaehyung Yang moved to Milan, and studied Master in Design at the Domus Academy, graduating in 2013. Currently Jaehyung is living in Milan and continuing his career.

U&ME table “two imperfection can make perfection” Sometimes things look tough and impossible to accomplish what you need. But sometimes you can achieve your goal or further more by working together with others. You&me table is about two imperfect thing can collaborate and help each other to make perfection.
“two imperfection can make perfection”
u&me table is composed in two different parts which are the wire frame and the surface. Both parts are not stable itself but it joins together and becomes a perfect and stable coffee table. Each parts support for the legs and surface. BRIDGE: two unstable piece links together and become a one perfect table. LAYER: it can create various layout by layering the pieces in different way. OPEN: the table design is open to the user. the user can select the two colors and design their own table.

Dimension: H300 × D800 × H800 (mm) Material: powder coated steel wire/ color lacquered mdf