Giovanni Belviso


Born in 1976 I live and work in Milan and its surroundings. My background is artistic, though my approach to design has always been based on know-how and manual ability. In recent years I've been starting a new project in the design world as a self-producer designer. My aim is at creating hand-made design objects, unique items or produced in a small series, designed and manufactured on specific customer requirement. I like well-done things, as once, and the simple and essential forms. I try to combine knowledge and craftsmanship with modern technological solutions. I love working with natural materials, never equal to themselves, trying to bring out their chromatic differences and the surface irregularities. I try to be a Designer using his hands, a Craftsman using his head.

Description: Coffee table made with 3 iron pipes and a glass top. Iron parts are painted with copper and then forcibly oxidized to obtain the verdigris effect.
Materials: Iron, glass. Approximate weight: 30Kg, Key Words: This coffe table for me is: Friendly, Quick, Joyful, Witty, Young, Mutant, isn’t it? It’s designed to stay inside but I was inspired to the open-air spaces. My concept of “Change” in this project refers to the change of status of materials used: Iron becomes Copper and subsequently turns into verdigris.