Fragments and materials combined with discarded factory scraps acquire new meaning, metamorphosing into objects for daily use of great beauty and character, halfway between art and design.
This is the creative style of BassethoundsFactory, a project founded in 2013 by an Italian designer duo: Giovanni Cagnoli – an engineer and the creative force behind the name and Annamaria Gallizio – a nomadic spirit – authentic “upcyclers”, or rather leading artists and believers in creative recycling.
Wood, aluminium and ceramics are transformed and converted to make floor and table lamps that are both strikingly original and functional at the same time.
Unique items created by assembling factory scrap materials, whose appeal lies somewhere between everyday reality and the imaginative sphere. c
Objects that distinguish themselves because they are unique, extraordinarily functional and characterised by outstanding craftsmanship.

“…objects made of objects…”
BassethoundsFactory plans to revisit the functionality of individual objects, giving them a new life, a new job. Born so totally self-produced lamps with handcrafted techniques and tools that meet our pleasure to create.

Materials (WoodPecker)
- Multi-layer recovery
- Aluminum Cup
- Padellino aluminum
- Wooden Spoons

Materials (Spoke White XL LED)
- Flooring recovery
- Spokes bicycle