Babbucci Tundo Architetti


Andrea Babbucci (Rome , 1975) and Gianna Tundo ( Legnano , 1977) come respectively from a classical education and the arts. They attended the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio (Switzerland), graduating in 2002.
After a period of experiences in other studios , they moved to Gorizia and they opened an own studio (2006)
Primarily involved in residential constructions , a part of their business is focused on architectural competitions , that gave them the opportunity to experiment with different themes from small to large scale, winning several awards. Always attracted to the world of design, they participated to competitions and created ad hoc various items of furniture for their projects : tables , chairs , lamps , accessories, etc...
Their job is characterized by the research of a purity of forms that means efficiency and functionality but with a strong creative component.

Memore is a modular library. With the same pieces, you can compose more solutions, depending on the needs, on the room available or simply to change. With only two kinds of pieces there is no monotony and you can give free rein to your imagination by combining them in several ways thanks to a model in 1:10 scale provided with the library. For the less adventurous the instructions suggest some basic shapes. The library will result more "stylish" if all the pieces have the same colour, but two or more colours can be combined in the same library. The assembling is easily done by two persons, and there is no hardware, so the integrity of the pieces will not be compromised at every assembly. The basic solution allows a change just by turning the library by 90 degrees. The multiple combinations allow to adapt the design to individual wishes, as to accommodate items of various shapes and sizes (books, picture frames, pots, tv set, lamps, etc.). Depending on the number and assembling of the components you will have a living furnishing, growing in height and/or in length, either made regular or very irregular. Additional pieces can be bought at a later date to extend or simply change the original library, adapting it to the evolution of the family and its needs.