Rena Nera


Rena Nera was born on October 2013 in Torre del Greco, Napoli thank to the competences of its young minds qualified in interior and product design. Rena Nera wants to share the planning and the production of design products in a world where design means “a cosa storta” (a not-straight thing) that is a common use object with an unconventional shape. The surplus value of Rena Nera’s project lies in a deep knowledge of the local heritage, of its professional abilities and its artistic/hand crafted tradition. All these elements in a fusion with the last innovative technologies, offer an useful and distinctive product for a wide community. Gianluca Lopez Born in Naples in 1986 he graduated as industrial designer from the architecture department of “Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli” University. Meanwhile he collaborated whit Claudio Bellini’s “Design &Design studio” and Gino Finizio’s “Design management studio” and, in collaboration with Mate engineering, department of “Roma 2” University, he planned and realized in team an electrical mini full-scale prototype. In 2013 he graduated from the Architecture department of “La Sapienza” University in produce design masters degree. Andrea Ciliberti Born in Naples in 1985 he graduated in 2013 as interior designer from the European Institute of design (IED) in Rome after attended architecture’s science first-degree course from the Architecture University in Naples. He works together with Roberto Ferlito and Ale Fanti’s “ Nabito architects & partners studio” in Barcelona. He has gained long-standing experience with planning and fulfillment of private and public events and theatrical outfittings.

Incroci is a simple table set made with different crossing pattern. It is a project focused on religions and different approach to eating and praying using graphic elements to join them in a table set decoration. Each tablet is made in different size and shape.
Material: wood
Dimension: 40x30 cm