Guido Palestino


Guido Palestino was born in Napoli in 1965, where he graduated in architecture in 1990. In line with his interest in popular architecture and its simple and ingenious solutions " without architects ", he continued his studies in bio-architecture and sustainable development. Nothing more than a synthesis of traditional architecture with new technologies. Among his work experience is, first of all, interior renovation, which can cover an entire apartment as a single unit. The architect helps the owner to master the changes that you plan to do together. In summary, the ability to communicate with people, accommodate their wishes. The premises to be environmentally friendly. With lamps the communication take place with the plants that cure, every day, in his garden of Napoli. So can discover branches or pieces of wood almost ready to be used, less than a pruning already targeted towards the realization of the object you have in mind. The form of certain branches gives you the opportunity to make an artisanal work consuming very little energy. Every thing you care, you gives off its secrets.

The base of the lamp is always obtained from oak wood floor recycled, as well as the backrest. The support of the light bulb is still in oak, thinner than the back, almost horizontal. The Stem of the lamp is obtained from wisteria branches or bamboo, which come from regular pruning they pursue these plants. A re helpful, in some cases, the rod of brass, which measures 2mm. in diameter, used for welding, to stiffen the whole structure.