Makemood is a collective, placed in Naples, founded in 2009, composed by Ciro Coppola, Valentina La Tilla, Federica Aruta e Valentina Sannino. The four members met among the benches of “Second University of Naples”. Their creativity was fed to curiosity, research and the pleasure to design together, also during the specialist studies for 2012 degree, reached with higher marks. Makemood strongly trust in the group strength, in comparing with each other and with all design world. The collective was opened to all forms of collaboration that can grow up their experience baggage. Their learnings let them work in a 360° design, from graphic, product to urban and interior design. Makemood take inspiration from reality, reading it and reinterpreting it, with an eye on a future scene; it’s directed on a vanguard design, begetting hybrid realities, proposing innovation.

Favo is a project of Makemood designers for Jsign Capsule Collection. Favo is a modular table set made in felt. Favo is a placemat created on two layers: 1. a base + 2. a modular net, parted in several pieces. The shape derives from honeycomb (wax structure of hexagonal cells, made by bees to store they honey). Linking two or more tablemats will create an infinitive subjective and generative woof. Colors: gray/green Soon: gray/orange and gray/violet