Mary Cinque

Life line

Born in 1979, lives and works between Naples and the Amalfi coast. She spends her childhood among Italy and Ethiopia. Her artistic skills are connected to the Amalfi Coast and the city of Milan (Master in - visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera). After the gymnasium, the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and the course at the Comix school in Naples, a trip of three months in the U. S., between Philadelphia and New York had an impact on her work. Her grandfather was a photographer and she inherited this passion, she thinks that photos are means to express feelings and a way to celebrate a daily but also hidden esthetics, she also skilled with the development and print techniques. Thanks to art critic Massimo Bignardi and the editorial designer Gelsomino d’Ambrosio, she studies in detail the graphic design and its history. However also voyages influence her work and her conception of inhabitants of the world. Between the last experiences the group exhibition Eruption at White Box Gallery in New York city and the international workshop ‘Capturing the elusive here’ leading by Isidro Blasco during the project Explorart at AreaOdeon in Monza.

Lifelines is a series of three serving plates in porcelain designed by Mary Cinque. The vision of a city from the bus window.