Trim Studio


Is an Art and Design creative workshop originating from the collaboration of the designer Daniele Iannicelli and the graphic designer Corrado Lamorgese. Their professional experience, matured throughout years and profitably interwoven since 2011, have how led to their first project, the Trimy chair. Trimy is recycled and recyclable cardboard chair in print. Designed as a learning object, it takes shape through simple gestures with cuts and joints that make it safe and reliable. The illustrations, inspired by the world of children, are designed to be coloured by the child with crayons, coloured pencils or acrylics, magically transforming the chair into an object that is always unique and original. Trimy is produced and distributed by Dedicart srl.

Matawi means branches in Swahili. In Africa the tree is the principle of life itself that collects knowledge and is “the object” around which organizes and develops daily life. The structural matrix of the library Matawi is inspired by its beauty, the strength and simplicity of the sign generated from the branches of African’s tree. The shape and the joints of the module make that the library Matawi may ramify endlessly generating the most varied compositions.