À Vivre


Design let us get to know each other and every day we get to know each other a little bit more by designing. We share experiences, thoughts, life. After almost ten years of collaborating, in 2012 we decided to found our own studio.
We both believe, and it is not a cliché, that quality of life can be improved by good design, just as the quality of products can be expressed through their usability and the bond established between them and the users.
We are not storytellers: we want our projects to be a means of communication for users, allowing them to tell their own stories through the use of our projects in daily life. Because everyone of us has a story to tell.

À Vivre is not a carpet to walk on but a carpet to stand, sit, lie down, welcome friends, chat, exchange thoughts, read a book on.
The round shape becomes a place where people can meet, a sort of small and intimate public square where there are no proxemics or habits.
The meeting between lines, color gradation and knitted materials emphasizes both the balance and the complexity of human relationships.
À Vivre is a carpet to live on.