Marco Sorito


Born in Germany in 1973, he moved to Florence, Italy where he graduated and currently works as architect and designer. During his university years, he followed the few avant-garde movements as a natural reaction to the dogma imposed by the academy constantly searching a personal language. The experience gained as a result of constant opposition to the postmodern ideologies strong presence at the university, will prove extremely useful in professional life, during which it is necessary a strong tenacity to defend his ideas against the assaults of the breakers. He graduated with honors with a thesis followed by the founders of Studio Archea. He collaborated for several years with a well-known italian firm for wich he has designed many exhibitions with various themes (medieval, renaissance and modern art, archeology, science, comics, photography) in museums and prestigious buildings, with constant attention to create suggestive event also understandable for every one. He designed some shops and showrooms in the Florence and took part in several design events in Italy and England. His practice focuses on interior and industrial design and is interested in the biomimetic architecture approach.

In nature everything moves, everything changes constantly. Organisms born, grow and die endlessly, soil and rocks change shape and position, water is in constant motion. Hydra is based on biological and mineral shape-shifting phenomena, remembering a marine organism, such as a coral or an anemone, or an erupting volcano. In its cavity water takes shape, arriving up to the side tubes,for the principle of communicating vessels.