ITACAfreelance (Flavia Veronesi e Stefano Visconti)


Itacafreelance was founded in 2011 as the incarnation of a common aspiration of Flavia Veronesi (Landscape Architect) and Stefano Visconti (Industrial Desginer). The idea is to tell through the language of photography, the relationships that develop between people, the fascination of different places, the beauty and the inherent contradictions of each culture.
Travel, meeting, experience and change, are the key words that lead the project in 2013 to open also to other expressions of narrative such as graphic arts, design and landscape architecture.
Our experiences and our passions are collected on our website, in the hope that it manages to evoke any emotion in the visitor, always remembering that the journey is often more important than the destination!

Animalia began as a line of decorative objects made ​​of ceramic with simple and attractive design, inspired by the "dwelling places" of our pets.
From unnatural habitat for both function and design, the object tells its evolution through ethics forms universally recognized, renovated in the use and content.