Sabrina Fossi


“I’m a young Italian designer, passionate about all objects that characterize the domestic environment. I believe that everyday objects give significance to our lives and it is precise these minute shades of difference that distinguish objects from each other that enflame my interest. It is my opinion that the generation of new objects come into existence from the overlapping of different elements blended together forming their own, novel shapes”

Born in 1984 in Florence, she got a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at the University of Florence and later a Master Degree in Eco-Design at Polytechnic of Turin. She spent more than one year working abroad, before in Malta and after in Berlin. Thanks these experiences she has been achieved a wide spectrum of skills, both graphics and design. In 2011 she founded her business, designing and manufacturing her own products line. Currently she works with different material like ceramic, wood, as well as laminl and aluminum. Her Studio is based in Signa, near Florence.

Industrial designer Sabrina Fossi advocates that it is minute differences and details that distinguish objects. This approach enables sharp and innovative designs: her FreakishCLOCK is certainly a outstanding product. The young designer’s goal is to minimalize the time concept. Instead of having a standard hours hand, the entire face of the watch is a spinning disk with a hole in the shape of the hours hand. This allows you to see through the disc, into the actual face of the watch, which has numbers written on it.

Must be mounted to a wall with a screw, not included.

Material: Plastic and laminil
Origin: Italy - handmade
Colour: Black
Battery: AA
Clock movement: Standard (the disk moves slowly between the hours, showing the numbers and the white gap between them)

Size: D 30.00 cm H 3.00 cm
Weight: 0.50 kg