Daniele Canuti

Jaar Jaar


Born in 1980 in Grosseto, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence and, later, the Master Degree in Product Design at the Istituto Superiore delle Scienze Artistiche (ISIA) also went to Florence, city where he still lives and works. Out of university enters immediately into contact with the world of design working with an architectural firm in Florence, being able to gain valuable knowledge at the project level and consolidating their technical and artisticskills. In 2012 he founded his design studio DANIELE CANUTI and, thanks to his passion for ceramics and woods materials, begins to design a series of furniture under its own brand.

For the design of JAAR JAAR I was inspired to the satellites orbiting the earth, to the rockets that are used to be able to go into space and to the spacecraft that we see in science fiction movies. The vase consists of three pieces: a chromed steel base on which rests the body of the white ceramic vase worked on lathe​​. The cover, also made of white ceramic, is designed to close the bowl. JJ is completely handmade by Italian craftsmen who, with their art and craftsmanship, give to it an added value, that industrial production, can not give. JJ is in production and it will be available soon on the SHOP ONLINE section of my site (www.danielecanuti.com).