Riccardo Fiorucci



Born in Citta' di Castello, a town in the province of Perugia, nested within the Umbrian woodlands, an area that borders with Tuscany and Marche regions. In 2008 achieved a three year Master in Interior Design at the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence. His thesis was “Interior gardens – domestic incased kitchen gardens – The short vegetable cycle”; winner of the Laura Conti Ecology Prize for the high value of his thesis, category Domestic Ecology given by the Eco-Istituto del Veneto Alex Langer. Started professional activity immediately after graduation working with companies in various fields (architecture, publicity, industry), a diversity of challenges that trained him to work with both products and services. He continued his training by frequenting course's that helped him get back in contact with his primordial self: the artisan, a professional figure that represents the true sense of “know how”. The creative spirit that he has learned, penetrates it roots into the nature that surrounds him, in the porosity of the materials, in human feelings. His ideas bring him to create unique items, products, that even if manufactured in series are free to express new character each time, taking advantage of the nature of the materials, the ease in sourcing them, the moods and feelings of the manufacturer of the items. Preference goes to natural, ecologica and recycled/reused materials.

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Turned wood recycling - fir turning craft Riccardo Fiorucci
Top glass fusion
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