Atelier Macramè


Atelier Macramé is a project of Laura Calligari architect, designer and blogger..
Atelier Macramè was born to create objects of self-production.
Objects designed for the home or for contract, art objects limited edition but also objects made of series that use traditional materials and technologies but also innovative techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting.

Inspired by the design of the traditional sake cups the collection of coffee cups wants to be reinterpretation in fusion style of an a classic product of the Italian culture: the cup of coffe. The cups reinterpret also the concept of small dish being provided with a base that is a support element both when the cup is in use facing upward and when it is placed. For avoiding accumulation of dust inside the cup closes on itself but retains its playful shapes in evidence. The collection is completed with a thermal jug for coffee, tea or other drink contain why not Sake …