Elisa Polidori



“More minds and more hands for the things that I love” Born in 1985 in Città di Castello, then she moved to Florence where she studied and she got a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design at the Faculty of Architecture. Then she started to work for own products line, created with some industrial waste, these works had permitted to find a formal inspiration to created a new partnership between factory, design and handcrafts. After she took part of a Master of design for the cooperation and sustainable environment, where she works in different countries and in rural realities that means social realities, she follow an idea of design that mix different uses and costumes, persons and territories to become a global cultural point of view. At this moment she live in Florence where she works for her own products line and collaborate with some social cooperative.

The project explores the essence of materials. From birth, the production to consumption. Analysis of the life cycle that has led to an aesthetic search and functional materials of post-industrial production. The waste is transformed into an ornament for the body, transmitting in its aesthetic intrinsic value of our being, consume and live. The material turned assumes a different shape depending on the work performed.