Studio Alchemico


StudioAlchemico is the project of two Italian designers: Sofia Crescioli and Giulio Bogani. We try to summarize different cultural references, which are in continuous evolution. In these terms, the designer’s goal is not creating, but joining different elements and, in a wider sense, experimenting, just as the ancient alchemists used to do. So, are we searching for the new philosopher’s stone? In a certain sense, yes, we are. In fact, we are interested in doing research by designing and in designing by doing research. And we want to do it, having fun and searching for the hidden funny side of crafts. In other words, we want to design projects that are simple, nice, and functional, and why not, that could be turned into gold for us and for those who produce them.

Candlegram is a product whose main features are: simplicity and flexibility. The project reinterprets the well-known game of Eastern origin 'Tangram', as ade orate object for the house, allowing the user to play and invent a myriad of different forms, using only a base of 7 candles.
Depending on several occasions, Candlegram can transform pandering the mood and needs of the user, now becoming a perfect centerpiece for dinner, now subtending timeless elegante ornamental object.
Candlegran: light your form.